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Michael Krause
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These days you can't escape the social media buzz. You also can't escape the recession. During a time when most non-essential businesses struggled to survive, one such organization experienced solid, sustained growth. This is a remarkable accomplishment. This is how they did it. Madeline's Catering is a full-service caterer in Rochester, NY. Like many other small and mid-sized organizations Madeline's Catering found themselves facing the perennial small business challenge-they were so busy providing a high quality service they had neither time nor knowledge on how to sell it. "I'm a chef not a sales person," says Madeline Neville, Head Chef and owner.

Madeline's Catering followed a customized 6-week plan organized around specific, realistic action items. Social media played a key role. Here's what they did.

  1. Rebranding: Madelines Catering built an attractive, new website fully integrated with the traffic driving, social media channels Twitter, Facebook, and Linked In.
  2. Streamlined Maintenance: To accommodate time limitations Neville uses an account on, a social media management site that allows her to upload new content and update all her channels in minutes.
  3. Customer Service: Using scripts for phone calls and letters along with an in-take form Neville has a process for systematic follow-up for phone inquiries. In addition, she sought education for herself and staff to assess and improve phone skills and closing techniques.

The results:

In six weeks Madeline's Catering's website traffic increased 41 percent and phone inquiries have nearly doubled. Their phone call strategies have increased the number of closed sales. This efficient system has streamlined management and improved employee morale. Madeline's Catering now stands above the competition with a reputation of excellent customer service. Furthermore, time previously spent finding prospects is now used for researching and improving recipes.

The Takeaway:

Social media means real business. As a result of their upfront efforts Madeline's Catering has a distinct advantage over their competitors that translates into benefits in the eyes of the customer.

You've probably figured out that EnetPromote and Sales Sense Solutions organized the 6-week strategy. And yes, there were other components involved in that 6-week strategy. We decided to share this dimension of the story with you to demonstrate that social media can be a solid sales-driving tool for you even during an extended recession. If you want to read a full version of the Madeline's Catering case study please visit

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